Why use fillers and choose Korean ones?

Updated: Feb 7

Korean beauty and cosmetology have become one of the most demanded and popular in the world. It has seen huge development over the last few years. The reason for that is quite simple. The Korean beauty products are praised by the experts for their innovation, high efficacy, and use of natural ingredients. Furthermore, Korean beauty is also known for its customized and extensive product layering regime and routine, which delivers a bunch of great benefits over a certain period of time.

Especially popular are the Korean fillers. There is almost no Korean today that does not use fillers. Another important factor that makes the Korean fillers so demanded is that they are quite cheaper, compared to the European and the American ones. So what is that about the Korean fillers that make them the number one choice?

What is HA filler?

Fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid. It is used to fill any shallow areas on the face, enhance the features and make the skin look plumped. With that being said, they are used to enhance the cheeks, lips, nose, but also fill out any acne marks on the face

In its most concentrated form, the HA is full of watery molecules that work perfectly with the skin. When they enter the dermis, they can create a plumping effect and provide an excellent glow on the skin. HA also helps with the sun damage, makes the wrinkles less apparent and the glow it provides on the skin is incomparable to anything else. The HA filler is a non-invasive procedure and a good filler can last from 6 months to 2 years.

Why choose Korean fillers?

Korean fillers have become a number one choice all around the globe and here is why:

1. Variety of options

South Korea has a lot of companies that produce fillers, always including something innovative that is of the highest quality and long-lasting.

2. Low price

The huge competition requires high-quality products which means that staying competitive on the market means offering a good price. Korean fillers have all of that, making them the best choice there is.

3. Easy removal

The Korean fillers can be taken out very easily, without any side effects. Also, there is the option for the filler to be absorbed, which does not harm the body.

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