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S-DNA Inj.

Cell & Tissue Healing

About the Product

S-DNA is a skin booster that improves the condition, appearance and health of the skin, skin tissues and cells. It is more than a filler since it works on a cellular level. Also, it not only has anti-aging powers but it can also be used as an acne treatment, skin brightening solution and even a would healing product. With this DNA treatment, results start to show 3-5 days after the first session.
DNA treatment S-DNA is an ideal solution for patients who wish to rejuvenate their appearance without having to undergo a plastic surgery or to get dermal filler injections. The product uses the natural anti-aging and skin repairing properties of salmon to deliver the following effects:
- Skin lifting
- Improved elasticity
- Increased skin softness

Main Ingredients

1) DNA 0.2% (1ml)
2) DNA 2.0% (3ml)

Packing Unit

1ml x 1 syringe/box
3ml x 1 syringe/box


S-DNA Inj.
S-DNA Inj.
S-DNA Inj.
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