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Regenovue PN

Skin-hydration, Skin-whitening, Skin-regeneration

About the Product

All-in-One for Overall Skin Tone and Texture Regenovue PN $ PN Plus is effective in cell proliferation and collagen rejuvenation in ECM

Effective for restoration of blood vessel Regenovue PN & PN Plus is to accelerate Elastin generation to improve Skin tone and Texture.

PN is derived from Salmon Sperm which is almost same as human DNA,(94% Similar) Its formation is with nucleotide and Longer in systemic formation compared to PDRN Highly Stable to heat and safe ingredient as it has no immune Activates Cell Proliferation to enhance extracellular matrix formation and restoration of blood vessel.

Main Ingredients

1) Regenovue PN (Noncross-linked HA 20mg + PN5mg Cross)
2) Regenovue PN Plus(Cross-linked HA 15mg +PN 5mg)

Packing Unit

3ml x 1 syringe/box


Regenovue PN
Regenovue PN
Regenovue PN
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