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Regenovue Aquashine

Skin-hydration, Skin-whitening

About the Product

Skins with Moisture and Elasticity
Skin Brightness/Pigment Removal(Freckle, Blemish)
Skin Elasticity/ Makeup Supplement
Skin Pore Tightening/ Skin Texture Improvement
Existing Ingredient form Body
Visible after 1-2 weeks/ Long Lasting for 3-4 months
Fine Wrinkle Removal/ Skin Elasticity Improvement
Preventing Skin Aging
Preventing the Any-Aging
Dry Skin Improvement after wash up/ Dead Skin cell removal
Skin Elasticity Improvement/ Dry Skin Improvement in Changing Seasons

Main Ingredients

1) Aquashine (Non-crosslinked HA)
2) Aquashine Plus (Crosslinked HA)

Packing Unit

3ml x 3 syringes/ box


Regenovue Aquashine
Regenovue Aquashine
Regenovue Aquashine
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