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Premium PPC.C

Lipolysis for body & face contour

Premium PPC.C

About the Product

Premium PPC-C is a fat-burning solution for local reduction of subcutaneous fat. The product presents an improved version of the PPC-C lipolytic solution. In addition to phosphatidylcholine (PC), Premium PPC-C also contains deoxycholate (DC). The latter improves the hydrophilicity of PC thus enhancing its lipolytic effect.

Strengths of Premium PPC-C:
1. minimally-invasive alternative to surgical fat removal (liposuction)
2. the product solves local obesity problem when physical activity does not help
3. effective solution to local fat removal, as well as face and body contour correction
4. the product can be used as a supportive therapy to surgical liposuction
5. the product triggers cell regeneration and brings some elasticity and smooth texture to the skin cellulite-eliminating effect
6. no need in anesthesia: the procedure is painless

Main Ingredients

Sodium deoxycholate

Packing Unit

10ml x 5 vials/box


Premium PPC.C
Premium PPC.C
Premium PPC.C
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