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Lipo Lab V-Line

Face slimming, Face lifting, Elasticity improvement

Lipo Lab V-Line

About the Product

Lipo Lab V-Line is specially for facial contouring. Same base ingredients as Lipo Lab original, but includes L'Carnitine and Tyrosine for added efficacy.

It efficiently eliminates fat from the face to achieve the perfect v-line on the line coming from the cheekbone to chin. Improves skin elasticity and collagen production.

Benefits of Lipo Lab V-Line :
- Effect is visible just after the second session
- The result is stable
- Facial fat reduction in the double chin, under the ears, sagging tongue, bows etc.
- Contains strengthened ingredients for extra lifting effect

Main Ingredients

Water, horse chestnut extract, Tyrosine, L-carnitine, walnut seed extract, thermophilic

Packing Unit

10ml x
5 vials/box


Lipo Lab V-Line
Lipo Lab V-Line
Lipo Lab V-Line
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