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Hyafilia Petit+, Hyafilia Classic+, Hyafilia Grand+

About the Product

Hyafilia is a new generation of fillers from the South Korean company CHA Meditech Co., Ltd. The company has developed a structure of hyaluronic acid that combines the best qualities of monophasic and biphasic fillers. So the composition contains 85% of the stabilized substance and 15% of the native.
Non-surgical procedure:
- The application is convenient and takes effect immediately once HyaFilia is injected.

Gel type:
- HyaFilia is a transparent, high quality hydrogel that creates a smooth, natural look and feel. HyaFilia lasts longer than other HA dermal fillers for volumizing effect and maintaining tissue integrity.

Non-animal, cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid gel:
- Hyaluronic acid used in HyaFilia is not from animal origins, but from a microorganism fermentation.
Thus, HyaFilia can be injected without an allergic test, and they will naturally biodegraded slowly from the body.

Main Ingredients

HA(hyaluronic acid)
1. 20mg/ml with lidocaine 0.3%

Packing Unit

1 syringe/box


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