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Sedy Fill 10CC

SEDY FILL Filler 10ml

About the Product

Sedy Fill filler has overcome the most common problems faced by increasing the cross-linking rate to create a very safe and removable product. All the issues faced when increasing the cross-linking ate of HA as well as our product's strengths are as follow:
- HA may be completely dissolved with the help of hyaluronidase
- 100% of HA remaining
- Highly hydrophilic product with a stable particle structure

Sedy Fill shows excellent hydrophilic capacity, which means that compared to the same number of comparing products, Sedy fill shows a better volumizing effect. Moreover, high hydrophilic capacity mans easy molding.

Main Ingredients

HA(hyaluronic acid)
1. 20mg/ml with no lidocaine

Packing Unit

10ml x 1syringe


Sedy Fill 10CC
Sedy Fill 10CC
Sedy Fill 10CC
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