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Regenovue Glam Body

Regenovue Glam Body

About the Product

REGENOVUE is made from hyaluronic acid, hereinafter referred to as “HA” and known as the safest ingredient for fillers, as well as making possible a 100% cross-sectional intermolecular bond between each molecule, which is necessary to maintain the longest effect. Moreover, REGENOVUE provides a wide variety of fillers with different molecular sizes in order to make it as convenient as possible for you to choose a suitable filler for the area of ​​the face in which it will be used.

Special technology used only for the production of REGENOVUE (pending patent), gives the best results in the effectiveness and duration of the effect compared to others.

Main Ingredients

HA(hyaluronic acid)
1. 24mg/ml with lidocaine 0.3%

Packing Unit

10ml x 1syringe


Regenovue Glam Body
Regenovue Glam Body
Regenovue Glam Body
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