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Extra Body

Extra Body S, Extra Body H

About the Product

EXTRA H & EXTRA S Body Filler are ideal for buttocks contouring KFDA, CE Certified (DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR BUTTOCKS CONTOURING 10ML SYRINGE) HA Concentration: 20mg/ml Extra H has an extra-large molecule size and has a very high cross link rate,

EXTRA has developed MDAWO technology (Multiple Degree Amphiphilic Wash-Out technology) and applied it to processes. The process of technology, the DVS component is completely removed and none of un-cross linked DVS is detected. In general, the crosslinking process is carried out using DVS having a purity of about 95% for BDDE used for crosslinking HA and 97% or more purity for EXTRA. By using highly pure crosslinking bridge, crosslinking ratio is high, and high quality products can be produced.

Main Ingredients

HA(hyaluronic acid)
1. 20mg/ml with no lidocaine

Packing Unit

10ml x 1syringe


Extra Body
Extra Body
Extra Body
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