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Ammi Body

Ammi B-filler S(Soft), Ammi B-filler H(Hard)

About the Product

Ammi is a line of fillers based on hyaluronic acid created by one of the leading Korean manufacturer. The company produces world class products with hyaluronic acid. It produces various fillers and cosmetics with hyaluronic acid using its unique, state-of-the-art NMC Technology (Nano-Mesh Cross-Linking). The series consists of Ammi Aqua, Ammi Crystal, Ammi Hydro, Ammi Diamond and Ammi B Body filler.
Ammi fillers are a hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers with medium viscosity. The benefits of Ammi:
- long-lasting effect
- low level of impurities
- painless procedures
- high level of gel elasticity
- high level of hydration

Main Ingredients

HA(hyaluronic acid)
1. 20mg/ml with lidocaine 0.3%
2. 20mg/ml with no lidocaine

Packing Unit

10ml x 1syringe


Ammi Body
Ammi Body
Ammi Body
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